About ArtVault Software

We are a young, dynamic company located in Switzerland, central Europe. We are determined to offer the most innovative, efficient, and easy-to-use software application for art management. We have no financial dependencies and can therefore act in our customer's best interest. By continuously evaluating, refining and perfecting our products, we are moving forward at a rapid pace. Our mission is simple: to help art professionals get the most out of their business - at an affordable price.
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Development History
ArtVault Pro originated as a custom software solution for the estate of a highly successful artist. Unhappy with the available art management products on the market, they entrusted us to develop a modern, up-to-date system from the ground up. This system laid the very foundation for our software. Since then we have further developed it to appeal to a broader audience. Through collaborations with art professionals we have greatly expanded ArtVault's business capabilities.
ArtVault Software’s user base is growing rapidly. We now have clients in the USA, Canada, England, South America, New Zealand, Russia, the Arab Emirates, Switzerland, and the European Union. Our diverse client portfolio demonstrates the flexibility of our program: we are proud to count collectors, artists, institutions, galleries and museums among our customers.