Technical Specification
Proven Technology.
Anything worth building must be constructed on a stable foundation. When you're taking the time to implement a collection management system, you need to be sure that it will still be accessible years down the road. This is our number one reason for building ArtVault Pro on one of the best database technologies ever invented. More than fourteen million customers, from individuals, small businesses, teams in education and government, to 70 Fortune 100 companies, rely on FileMaker Pro to manage, analyze, and share information. FileMaker, a subsidiary of Apple Inc., is a multibillion-dollar company and has won over 100 awards for their product.

Using FileMaker Pro, we built ArtVault Pro upon a rock-solid database engine. This includes refined multi-user functionality, industry standards for exchanging data with other applications, ensured operating system compatibility, great tools for website integration, and much more. For our larger clients, we offer cutting-edge server technology including 256bit network data encryption.
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Technical Specifications
Storable Information Artworks, Editions, Images, References, Individuals, Institutions, Purchases, Offers, Sales, Invoices, Exhibitions, Consignments, General Loans, Expenses, Shipments, Payments Made, Payments Received, Payables
Installation Options single computer or network (multi-user)
Fields to store information 652
Customizable fields 62
Reports 40+
Maximum number of records > 10'000
Maximum file size 8 TB
iPad compatibility yes
iPhone compatibility no
Save as PDF yes
Required third-party plug-ins none
Network Users with standard FileMaker Clients up to 5
Network Users
with FileMaker Server
up to 200
Network Encryption AES-256bit (FileMaker Server required)
Access through VPN yes
System Requirements

ArtVault Pro currently runs on macOS and iOS only. Windows support is coming mid 2018.

Software Requirements
macOS 10.12 or later with FileMaker 16 or later (license included with ArtVault Pro purchase)

Single Computer/ Client Hardware Requirements
Intel based Mac with at least 8GB RAM and 13 inch display

Server Hardware Requirements
Intel based Mac with at least 16GB RAM, preferably a MacMini Server

iPad Requirements
Full-size iPad 4 or later with WiFi, preferably 4G connectivity, and FileMaker Go 16 or later (free download)
Network Setup Example
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