Secure your investment.
Your art collection is valuable both personally and as a financial investment. ArtVault Pro is a comprehensive tool to help you organize and safeguard your collection, as well as enhance the value. With it you can document and manage all aspects of a collection, making the information easily accessible. Upload and store important documents, keep track of contacts, upload an unlimited number of images for each work, and enjoy a truly advanced, user-friendly interface. Using one of the many fully customizable reports, you can easily print records for insurance companies, sales, loans, or any other purpose.

We realize that your collection's privacy is of utmost importance. That’s why ArtVault Pro can be purchased as a "buy to own", password protected program, which is downloaded and installed locally on your computer or network. It gives you the ability to store artwork history and provenances in a safe environment. (Requires FileMaker development knowledge).
✔︎ Group and classify your work
✔︎ Store insurance information
✔︎ Manage acquisitions, sales and donations
✔︎ Oversee loans to galleries and museums
✔︎ Manage conservation, shipping and storage
✔︎ Store unlimited number of images
✔︎ Manage any number of contacts
✔︎ Create customized reports*
✔︎ Keep track of expenses
✔︎ Enjoy fully customizable fields
*Requires FileMaker development knowledge
Features that might interest you

Automatic Status
ArtVault Pro helps you keep track of Exhibitions, Consignments, and general Loans. Based on the dates entered for loans or exhibitions, the artwork's status updates automatically so you always know which pieces are available.

CRM Module
ArtVault Pro contains a full-fledged contact management section which allows you to easily locate important contacts and assign contact types such as curator, collector, licensee, art advisor, and many more.

Manage Insurance
Having professional documentation, appraisals, and insurance information on hand helps claims be processed faster. With ArtVault Pro you can instantly print a report of all affected works, including original condition, artist, market value and any other information requested.