Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions. This FAQ is supplemental documentation to the built-in help content, available in ArtVault Pro.

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Installation and Setup
Does ArtVault Pro run on Windows?
ArtVault runs on Mac OS X and iPad only. Windows is not supported.
Which version of FileMaker do I need?
FileMaker Pro 12 (or greater) is required on each computer to run ArtVault Pro, however the demo version does not require a license.The standard version of FileMaker Pro is sufficient to run ArtVault Pro; there's no advantage to using FileMaker Pro Advanced. FileMaker Pro can be purchased in FileMaker's online store.
What are my computer’s requirements to run ArtVault Pro?
For detailed information see Tech Specs.
Can I get started on one computer and add more later?
Absolutely. You can install ArtVault Pro on one computer and switch at any time to a network setup with multiple computers without loosing your data.
For use with two or three computers, how does the syncing of data work?
There's no actual syncing of data as this is too prone to error. Instead, the ArtVault data file is stored on one machine (acting as a server) and is accessed from the other computers (acting as “clients”). It is similar to working directly on the server computer; any changes made become instantly available on all computers. You can also start with a single machine configuration and later change to a network setup.
Can I access ArtVault Pro when I travel?
Absolutely. With the help of your local IT person, you can configure access to a dedicated server machine, as described in the above question, so that ArtVault Pro becomes available from outside of your local network (over an internet connection).
How can I get software updates?
ArtVault Pro comes with a fully automated update mechanism that allows us to deliver small improvements throughout the year to all of our clients. These maintenance updates are free and can be downloaded directly from the home screen of ArtVault Pro.
Are installation manuals available?
Yes. You can download our Documentation Package from the downloads section of our website.
How can I restore ArtVault Pro from a backup?
We put together a short manual in PDF format which describes in detail how you can select a backup of ArtVault Pro to become the current version.

Restore ArtVault Pro from Backup
On how many computers can I install ArtVault Pro?
The basic license allows you to install and activate ArtVault Pro on up to three computers. License extensions for ArtVault Pro can be purchased in our online store. Each license extension allows use on three additional computers.
Is it possible to generate two separate databases from one license of ArtVault Pro?
Yes. When you buy ArtVault Pro you get a license that allows you to install and run the program on up to three computers. This means you could have up to three different collection databases with one purchase of ArtVault Pro.
How many instances of FileMaker Pro do I need for one instance of ArtVault Pro?
While one instance of ArtVault Pro allows for use on up to three computers, FileMaker Pro, as with most software, requires one instance per computer. In this example, you would need three instances of FileMaker Pro if you intend to use all three available licenses of ArtVault Pro.
Do iPads count toward the three computers allowed with one ArtVault Pro instance?
No. You can use an unlimited number of iPads in addition to the three computers using ArtVault Pro. Please note an accessible "server" machine is required as collection information is not stored on the iPad, but rather accessed from your local network, or externally through a VPN connection or a static IP. Possible loss/theft of iPads, as well as concerns about the accuracy of synching mechanisms are the reason for this choice.
Is it possible to transfer a license from one Mac to another?
Absolutely, just let us know which device you'd like to deactivate and we'll remove the appropriate entry from our directory. This will free up a license effective immediately. Then you can move the entire ArtVault Pro folder to the new device of choice. It will prompt you to activate once more. Constant switching, however, is not possible as the software is being activated (and therefore tied) to a certain device. The purchase of an additional license would allow installation on up to six devices.
Do I need to purchase a license of FileMaker Server to run ArtVault Pro on multiple computers?
A regular FileMaker Pro client is capable of sharing the database across your local network for up to 5 simultaneous client connections. These clients can be computers or iPads. A FileMaker Server is typically required for larger workgroups, as well as publishing information on the Internet using WebDirect technology.
Hardware and Server
Do I need a special “server” computer?
Any computer can do this job, however, it’s important that the computer hosting the data file is available at all times and no one accidentally restarts it while clients are connected. In unfortunate cases this can lead to data corruption. We usually recommend a dedicated MacMini computer for this purpose. They are very small and energy efficient. Any of the available MacMini configurations will do.
Can I run other services on the computer hosting the ArtVault Data file?
The power of today’s computers is absolutely sufficient to run multiple services on one machine. However, keep in mind that software updates can get tricky if there are too many services running on one device. One service might require a system update, which is not compatible with another service and vice versa.
Can I use a Drobo RAID to access ArtVault Pro and FileMaker from all my computers, iPad, and local area network?
FileMaker uses its own network protocol which handles multi-user access and countless other features. Therefore it needs a FileMaker application to be open and running on the host. Since a Drobo RAID does not have an operating system on which FileMaker runs, this is, unfortunately, not an option.
Can I install either the data file or the entire application on a cloud service such as Dropbox in order to access it from two computers?
This is not possible. FileMaker has its own network protocol for handling simultaneous access from multiple computers. This ensures that no two people override each other’s changes, etc. Simply turn on network sharing in one of your ArtVault Pro installations and the data file will become available across your network. See manuals above for more information.
Is it possible to backup the database through Dropbox?
FileMaker uses it's own network protocol that is not compatible with Dropbox. This protocol handles user access, record locking, etc., ensuring that your database doesn't get corrupted. However you can drag a copy of the Backup folder (located inside the ArtVault Pro folder) into your Dropbox account occasionally. This would make for a convenient offsite backup.
Does the server necessarily have to be Mac-based? Does it have to be a dedicated server or it can be integrated into our existing system?
All ArtVault Pro client computers (user's workstations) definitely need to be Apple hardware with the OSX operating system. If a regular FileMaker client is used to host the ArtVault data file, this is the same for the “server” device. In this scenario, ArtVault Pro is open just like on a client, but with sharing functionality turned on.

If you choose to host the ArtVault data file with an instance of FileMaker SERVER, then you could use windows server hardware to do so. In this case the data file alone is uploaded into the server runtime, not requiring a full installation of ArtVault Pro on that machine. This does not change the fact that client computers need to be Apple devices. FileMaker Server is also more expensive – for this reason it is usually only considered for work groups larger than 5 computers.
Web and Program Integration
Can information in ArtVault Pro be integrated into a website?
This is possible with ArtVault Custom (an extension to ArtVault Pro) and a FileMaker 13 technology called "WebDirect". WebDirect allows you to push normal FileMaker layouts, as they are, to the Internet. It has the advantage that you don't need to know any HTML and you can make changes to the appearance of the layouts (and your website) yourself. Please note that WebDirect requires a FileMaker Server.

ArtVault Custom gives you access to all FileMaker features, including WebDirect. It also allows you to keep your collection private and "safe", except for those pieces of information you choose to share with the public. Use one of the additional FileMaker database files that come with ArtVault Custom to create views and functionality specifically to be displayed on the Internet.

If you have an advanced website and a larger budget, you could consider Custom Web Publishing, which relies on PHP coding and allows integration with other web front-end and back-end solutions.
Can ArtVault Pro be integrated with other programs, like QuickBooks?
This can be done using an extension to ArtVault Pro called ArtVault Custom. You receive a FileMaker database which accesses the information entered into ArtVault Pro and can be customized to integrate with other programs such as QuickBooks. More about ArtVault Custom
Trial Version
I am trying to download the trial, but it only allows me to download in Mac. Can you send me the link for windows?
As ArtVault Pro currently only runs on Mac computers, the demo is also only available on Mac computers.
Do I need FileMaker Pro to download the trial version of ArtVault Pro?
No. The trial version of ArtVault Pro does not require FileMaker Pro to run.
If I have the trial, input data, and then decide to purchase the software, will I loose all the work I have done with the trial?
The trial version is pre-populated with sample data and intended only to try the features and get a feeling for how the program works. Any data entered into the trial cannot be transferred into the purchased ArtVault Pro.
I tried downloading the trial version and got an error message that the program is from an “unidentified developer”. What should I do?
We are working to resolve this error. In the meantime, the following steps will allow you to bypass the error message and download the trial version:

1. Click on the Apple-Menu and select System Preferences
2. Click on Security & Privacy
3. Unlock the panel by clicking on the lock-icon at the bottom (enter admin password)
4. Set the setting to Anywhere
Using ArtVault Pro
iPad and iPhone
What does ArtVault Pro on the iPad look like?
The iPad version looks and acts exactly like ArtVault Pro on your desktop computer, except that you can't import, export, upload images, or print reports.
How does ArtVault Pro work with the iPad?
You can download the FileMaker GO app for your iPad and configure it to access the data from ArtVault Pro. An accessible "server" machine is required as collection information is not stored on the iPad, but rather accessed from your local network, or externally through a VPN connection or a static IP. Possible loss/theft of iPads, as well as concerns about the accuracy of synching mechanisms are the reason for this choice.
Can an iPad replace a desktop computer?
The iPad is great to view your collection and make edits while on the go. However, we don't recommend iPads for heavy-duty data entry. Think of this way: you might read an academic paper on an iPad, but you wouldn’t write a 400-page document on it.
Is ArtVault Pro compatible with iPhone?
No. ArtVault Pro’s screen size requires a full size iPad for operation. The iPhone’s screen is simply too small.
Is ArtVault Custom compatible with iPad?
Absolutely. Just make sure to follow FileMaker for iPad development guidelines when creating solutions for the iPad. Resources can be found here:
Custom Fields
Is it possible to perform a search/apply a filter for information contained in custom fields?
Absolutely. Information in customizable fields is fully searchable. Furthermore, these fields can be used on reports just like normal fields.
Can a customizable field contain a different type of value than text, such as monetary?
It's a field that can contain any kind of data (except files). Since it is a text field though, numbers won't be right aligned, dates won't be automatically formatted as such, and etc. It also affects sorting: a number is just text to the database, not a value, so it would sort 1, 15, 2, 24, 3 etc.
Is it possible to have more custom fields added to one or more of the modules?
Each Module contains quite a few custom fields. The Artworks module, for example, has 8 custom fields. We don't have plans to increase that number further at this point.
Is the data entered in custom fields available on reports and printouts?
Yes. All custom fields are available to be used on reports and printouts.
Images, Videos, and File Storage
How many images can you have per record/artwork?
You can store a both unlimited number of images in the database as well as link an unlimited number to each an every artwork.
Does ArtVault Pro support all image formats and sizes?
ArtVault Pro supports all image formats. Using FileMaker’s media streaming technology, you can upload an image into the database and the system will store that image on the computer’s hard drive and then reference it, displaying the appropriate size as needed. This keeps the ArtVault data file from becoming too large and ensures fast performance and backups.
Can I upload videos to ArtVault Pro?
You can use the images section to handle videos as well. Some fields will not match exactly (for example Photographer would have to be interpreted as Director of Photography), but you can always use some of the customizable fields to store information pertinent to videos. All pop-up menus for Format and Medium are customizable, so you can add movie formats and specify what it was originally shot with.

Just as with high-resolution images, we don't recommend storing entire movie files in the database. This would make it very slow when accessing ArtVault Pro remotely over the Internet, and ultimately lead to problems when attempting to create backups. We recommend having a directory on a hard drive (local or network) with the original high-res images – or in this case, videos. In ArtVault Pro, you can choose a still image from the video as an identifier. This can be done with a simple screen-shot. Upload this picture into the actual picture field of the image record then link the movie to one of two high-res path fields available for each image record. This allows you to open the movie from within ArtVault Pro, but without having the database file take on an excessive size.
What size do you recommend for storing PDFs in ArtVault Pro?
We recommend 600 KB (Kilobytes = 0.6 MB) or less in size each for each file.

There are different quality and compression settings when saving a PDF. These settings are the primary factor for file size, not the actual number of pages. With appropriate compression settings, it's possible to limit the size of a PDF document with 60 pages, complete with images, to 500 KB and still retain a good quality. Apple's Preview application allows for saving with different quality settings, as well as the more complex and advanced Adobe Acrobat.
Managing Editions
When tracking expenses of an edition, can I track the expenses for each individual piece or for the whole edition only?
Both. You can add expenses to an edition as a whole OR/AND to each individual artwork that is part of the edition. This is possible because ArtVault Pro handles each piece of the Edition as an individual work of art that can be sold, donated, loaned, etc. In the Expenses section under the More tab, you can search, sort, and create reports for expenses.
Can I manage an edition that has artworks of various sizes and mediums?
Yes. The information about the size, canvas, mounting, crate, etc. is stored on the artwork record itself, not the edition. This allows for “very different” edition pieces. The edition is a way of grouping works of art that are related. You can define a “master artwork” for the edition and have a dozen more pieces added with one click (this would include all the attributes of the master), or add individual artwork records, existing or new. You can do this anytime, because an edition is never closed.
I would like to have only one image from the edition appear in the artworks list, is this possible?
Yes. You can turn on “M & S” in Artwork list view, which only shows masters (of all editions) and single artworks (not tied to any edition). Set the artwork you wish to be the master - and that’s the image you are going to see in the artwork section. The rest of the prints in the edition are “hidden” from view. You can toggle this anytime and make them visible and searchable.
Importing and Exporting Data
Is it possible to export data from ArtVault Pro to other systems?
You can absolutely export data from/to ArtVault Pro freely. Excel spreadsheets as an interim file format are a good choice. Just keep in mind, that a database, such as ArtVault Pro, in a sense is a three-dimensional model of your virtual collection. A spreadsheet is two-dimensional. It's no problem to export information of any of the items stored (Artworks, Purchases, Exhibitions, Consignments, etc.), however to map an entire database to a spreadsheet is generally difficult to impossible.
How do I import data into ArtVault Pro?
ArtVault Pro uses FileMaker's native import function, allowing you to import files of the following types: tab-separated text files, comma-separated text files, Excel sheets (both .xls and .xlsx), as well as other FileMaker Pro files and a few less common formats.

We consider Excel spreadsheets the best source because you can add a first row with the future FileMaker field names (for easy mapping during import), and can check each column for data consistency. Below are two links to resource documents. The first shows how data should be laid out in Excel for a successful import, the second lists the most common import fields in the artworks and contacts individuals section.

Excel Document Sample for Import
ArtVault Importable Fields
My import went wrong, how can I delete all records?
The set of imported records can be deleted all at once with the "Delete ALL Records" function in the Records menu. This function deletes all found records (Found Set) which are visible in any given list view at the time the command is executed. If you see records which you do not want to delete alongside with the imported ones, you have to Omit these before executing deletion. The Omit function is described in detail in ArtVault's built in help section.
Can I use Layout Mode to make changes?
No. Allowing modifications to the structure of ArtVault Pro would break the possibility to send out automatic updates with bug fixes and program enhancements. However, ArtVault Pro does include customizable fields and highly flexible reporting. We also offer ArtVault Custom as an add-on to ArtVault Pro. ArtVault Custom is a set of separate FileMaker files that allow access to the data stored in ArtVault Pro. With it you can freely enter Layout Mode and design your own reports, build extensions, create a module for your website, integrate with other programs, and etc.
Can ArtVault Pro be customized?
In contrast to some of our competitors, we do not customize ArtVault Pro for individual clients. Not allowing customization has the advantage that we can deliver updates and improvements to everyone using ArtVault Pro anytime. We do, however, offer ArtVault Custom as an add-on to ArtVault Pro. ArtVault Custom is a set of separate FileMaker files that allow access to the data stored in ArtVault Pro. With it you can freely enter Layout Mode and design your own reports, build extensions, create a module for your website, integrate with other programs, and etc.
Can I manage different collections in ArtVault Pro or do I need two separate databases?
As long as you don't need to separate your collections entirely (using different computers) for tax reasons, it should be sufficient to use the "Collection" field on the artwork record to specify what collection a piece of art belongs to. You can create a value list for quick and consistent entry in the Settings of ArtVault Pro. In the artworks list view, there's a convenient filter from which you can choose a certain collection and have your listing of artworks reduced immediately. This can be combined with a freeform search in the search field or even advanced search - it's quite flexible. If you need to further group your works, you can always use one of the available custom fields. This being said, all other items in the database (Contacts, Exhibitions, Shipments, Invoices, etc.) are shared and cannot be split.
Is it possible to test the barcode system? I don’t see anything about it in the trial version.
The barcode system cannot be tested in the trial, however it is very simple. When you print labels with barcodes you can pick what information the barcode is based on (artwork ID, inventory number 1 or 2). Once you have labeled the works, you can find the electronic pendant in ArtVault Pro by scanning the label. For this you would click into the search field, scan the label (which inserts the scanned barcode as the artwork ID, inventory number 1 or 2 into search field), hit the enter key to execute the search - and the corresponding artwork record is found and displayed. Any barcode scanner will do, it doesn’t need to be an expensive one.
Can we use RFID tags in ArtVault Pro?
Using an RFID reader app, which is available in the app store, RFID tags can be read and used in ArtVault Pro. For more information see:
Are multiple currencies supported in ArtVault Pro?
Yes. In the settings there is a value list where currency symbols or abbreviations can be added. These are then available in dropdown lists throughout the database to select the currency for expenses, sales, purchases, and etc.
Does ArtVault Pro provide different access levels?
ArtVault Pro provides two access levels, Full Access and Guest (read only). These are managed through logins with usernames and passwords. Changes to the system are then logged according to the logged in user and can be tracked.
Can I create a user account that can only view certain information in ArtVault Pro?
ArtVault Pro allows you to create guest accounts which have read-only access. Omitting elements from view can be done using an extension to ArtVault Pro called ArtVault Custom. With ArtVault Custom you can create a separate database where only certain information from ArtVault Pro is visible. More about ArtVault Custom
Is there a way to make certain information in ArtVault Pro default? For example, we always have the same artist and art type?
Yes. In the settings section of ArtVault Pro you can select default information for certain fields in the program, such as artist, art type, location, appraiser, and etc. Upon creating a new record, these fields will automatically be populated with the default information.
Can I add a donor’s name to the artwork record?
Absolutely. You can link any number of individuals or institutions (stored in the contact section of ArtVault Pro) to an artwork and specify their detailed involvement. Alternatively, you could use one the available customizable fields to store such information. With customizable fields you can choose the field's label as well as the content. Customizable fields are available on reports, just like the many regular pre-defined fields.
What about the customer relation management portion of the software, does it integrate with an email software program? Can you have customized lists, etc.?
ArtVault Pro is not a mass-email marketing solution, such as constant contact or mail chimp, but rather a CRM solution which is tailored to keeping track of people’s interactions with (your) art, sales, exhibitions, etc. Of course you can store email addresses and send emails with just one click. This also goes for images or other documents which you might store inside ArtVault Pro (valuations, invoices, references, etc.). These are single emails though.
Error Messages
When I open ArtVault Pro I get an error message about "sharing the file"
We are using the very same ArtVault Pro for a single computer installation, as well as in a network environment. You can switch between the two installation types anytime. Seeing this message simply confirms that ArtVault Pro is running on a single computer and is not being shared in your network. Simply click "OK" and the program will open. No problems will result from dismissing the message.
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When I try to update ArtVault Pro I get an error message about it "running on a server"
If you are running ArtVault Pro locally on a single computer this error message means you have activated file sharing in the FileMaker application itself. The update can only be performed if sharing is OFF. Please follow the steps below to disable sharing.

1. Open the FileMaker application without opening ArtVault Pro

2. From the File Menu choose "Sharing - FileMaker Network..."
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3. Next to "Network Sharing" select OFF
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4. Confirm the change, quit FileMaker Pro, and open ArtVault Pro as usual.
Purchasing ArtVault Pro
How much does ArtVault Pro cost?
For detailed information about the cost of ArtVault Pro, visit our online store.
How do you process payments?
Payments are processed securely through Stripe using any major credit card: Alternatively, payments can be made by means of invoice and international bank wire transfer (surcharge of CHF 80.- per transaction).
How long does it take for my order to be processed?
Order processing is done automatically in most cases, however please allow up to 12 hours.
How will I receive my copy of ArtVault Pro?
Within 12 hours of purchasing a product in our online store, you will receive an email with registration information and a link for direct download of ArtVault Pro to your computer's hard drive.
I did not receive my license key upon purchasing ArtVault Pro. What should I do?
Order processing is done automatically, however please allow up to 12 hours. If after this time you still have not received an email (and have checked your spam/junk folder), send us an email and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

Please note, the local date and time in Switzerland is: Wednesday, March 21, 2018 23:09:09

Can I return ArtVault Pro if I don’t like it?
Yes. If you are not satisfied with out product, you can return it within 30 days from the date of purchase and receive a full refund.
ArtVault Custom
Does ArtVault Custom run without ArtVault Pro?
No. ArtVault Custom is an extension to ArtVault Pro and as such requires ArtVault Pro to be installed.
Does ArtVault Custom allow me to customize ArtVault Pro itself?
No. ArtVault Custom is a set of separate, unlocked FileMaker database files that can access all of the data stored in ArtVault Pro. Within these files you can create functionality that meets your specific collection management needs.
If I use ArtVault Custom, will I still receive automatic updates and enhancements?
Yes. As you are not customizing ArtVault Pro itself, the core of the solution remains unchanged. This allows us to continue providing updates and enhancements to ArtVault Pro that can be easily installed through automatic software updates.
Do I need to be a FileMaker expert to use ArtVault Custom?
If you have no previous experience with FileMaker Pro, you have to be prepared to invest a significant amount of time to get the best out of ArtVault Custom. This is especially true if you have no previous experience with database design in general. For intermediate and advanced FileMaker users, working with ArtVault Custom should pose no issues, since we followed common design guidelines.
Where can I get help with FileMaker programing?
There are more than 20 million FileMaker users worldwide. It’s a very vibrant community of users and developers alike. Please consult the resources directory at the end of our Getting Started Guide for ArtVault Custom for helpful links and listings.
General Questions
I am managing a very large collection. Can ArtVault Pro support it?
Our product was originally developed for a large estate. They had 3000+ paintings in their name. ArtVault is capable of handing even large collections.
Is ArtVault Pro available in other languages besides English?
Currently ArtVault Pro is only available in English. However, it supports both Letter and A4 paper sizes and any currency can be set as the default currency of the program.
Can I enter data in ArtVault Pro in a language other than English? For example, using Russian characters?
ArtVault Pro supports the input of ANY character, as long as the appropriate font is installed on your system. What it simply cannot do, however, is store information in multiple languages. In this example, the user would have to choose either English or Russian.
Do you have global clients?
Yes, our client base is quite diverse. They are located in all parts of the world from North and South America to Europe and the Asia Pacific Region.