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For Collectors, Estates, Institutions, Galleries, and Artists

With ArtVault Pro you can centralize all the information about your art collection and make it accessible in a snap. Store an unlimited number of artworks, contacts, images, purchases, sales, appraisals, reproductions, consignments, insurance information, and much more. Not only can you store all this pertinent information, but you can also link it all together and easily track the history of any given item. View information in a list or detail view, create sub-collections, track locations, customize one of the many beautiful reports to suit your needs, and find any information within seconds using our QuickFind search technology. This is just a fraction of the possibilities of ArtVault Pro.

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ArtVault Pro has turned our business around in terms of being organised and saving time, being able to create pdfs of available art and transaction reports in a matter of minutes.
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We love ArtVault Pro and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone wanting it for collection management.
Steve Freeman
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ArtVault Software's focus on continuous support through years of upgrades, sets ArtVaultPro apart from more expensive solutions.
Chase A. Turner
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I am really enjoying ArtVault Pro. Thank you for the excellent care and customer service.
Peter Meyer
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Organized information. Limitless possibilities.

ArtVault Pro is a comprehensive tool to help organize art collections and enhance their value. It allows for multiple inventory numbers, detailed location information and even has fully customizable fields to store information unique to your collection. Works can easily be sorted and viewed based on criteria of your choice. You may want to see only “Available” items which are currently at the location "Warehouse" and were created between 1967 and 1975. Another exciting feature is the central image archive allowing you to store an unlimited number of images and link them to any number of artworks.
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Scale it
Whatever size your collection or company

ArtVault Pro can be installed on a single computer or can support virtually unlimited users in a network environment across multiple locations. Sophisticated change tracking logs all changes made in the database including by whom, when, as well as the before and after content. Expandable with rock solid server technology and 256Bit Encryption it allows for any changes performed on one device to become immediately available on all other workstations. With a capacity of up to 8TB, ArtVault Pro is the right tool for the job whether you are managing a couple hundred artworks or many thousand. Our flexible licensing model with no ongoing maintenance fees make it affordable for anyone.
Print Reports
Customizable to suit your needs

With more than 40 reports at your fingertips you can be sure to get anything you need on paper. Each report is professionally designed but allows you to choose which information appears. In addition, you can store an unlimited number of templates for each report and recall them with just one click. Since these templates store the fields to be used, the resulting printouts are always current with the latest information entered into ArtVault Pro.
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Do Business
With unprecedented efficiency

Doing business with ArtVault Pro takes just a few clicks. In fact you can complete an entire cycle from offer to sale to invoice, producing professionally designed documents, in less than five minutes. Comprehensive currency support is available, alongside commission, sales tax, billable and non-billable expenses, payments made/received, as well as the possibility to manage loans and sales between third parties and track co-ownership of artworks. ArtVault Pro contains a full-fledged contact management section which allows you to easily locate important contacts and categorize them as curator, collector, licensee, art advisor, and many more.
No monthly fees
Pay for support only when needed

Unlike our competition, there are no monthly maintenance or licensing fees to use ArtVault Pro. Instead, we offer a low-cost, per-instance support model. Credit can be purchased conveniently in our online store and is automatically added to your support account. And given ArtVault Pro’s extensive help library containing over 300 topics with detailed descriptions and over 200 corresponding videos, you will find yourself hardly needing any support at all.
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Unleash the power of FileMaker

ArtVault Custom is an extension to ArtVault Pro which gives you full access to FileMaker features. You can modify existing reports, add entirely new layouts to expand the scope of functionality, and tailor your collection management solution to your exact needs. ArtVault Custom is a set of separate, unlocked FileMaker database files that can access all of the data stored in ArtVault Pro. With FileMaker’s WebDirect technology you can even make your ArtVault Custom solution available in a web browser – no web development skills required.